Friday, May 1, 2015

Adhesive Capsulitis

A while back I experienced some pain in my left shoulder, but put it down to an attempt to straighten a twisted metal door and to my lifting a large (empty) rain water tank on my own - both not the most intelligent things to do, but there you have it.

However, the arm was not healing and as the pain grew progressively worse, so did the lack of mobility. Dr Wendy LeMarquand correctly diagnosed Adhesive Capsulitis (otherwise know in laymen's terms as Frozen Shoulder: and suggested I see an orthopaedic surgeon in Addis as soon as possible.

Dr Tim Nunn has confirmed the diagnosis, prescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatory meds, and booked me in for surgery on May 14. The surgery is basically manipulation of the shoulder under anaesthetic to the point where they can insert a needle into the "frozen" joint and inject some sort of steroid to deal with the inflammation. From then on it will be a regimen of physiotherapy and exercises.

At present, there is no movement in the shoulder joint at all. According to Dr Tim and the article on the website at the link above, this condition can last a few years if not treated properly. Please pray that a) the treatment will be effective and b) the healing will be speedy. There is so much to do in Gambella that is difficult with only one arm!

Pray also for Louise - for patience as she has to put up with Mr Grumpy Gills...

We leave for Cairo this Sunday and will return the day before surgery on May 13. Louise and I will be stopping with the principle of the Alexandrian School of Theology as well.

We do covet your prayers.