Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Greatest Mystery...

Louise and I are going through the Perspectives Course at present (see here:  It is a very challenging course, but also one that inspires greater love for our Missionary see what He has done to bring lost souls to Himself is simply awesome.  But it is also heartbreaking to hear from the speakers that are still so many people groups that have never...get that...never heard of Jesus.  They do not have one single Christian resource at their disposal.  Not a quarter page of the Bible we all too often take for granted.

Surely there is something wrong with this picture.  If God Himself could traverse space and time and humble Himself by taking on the form of one of His creations to save the lost from eternal damnation, surely we could cross boundaries, whether geographical or otherwise to join Him in His quest to reconcile all to Himself through Jesus?  Why then are there so few laborers and even fewer supporters?

I think Robertson McQuilkin in his book, The Great Omission, Authentic Publishing, Colorado Springs, CO, 1984, says it so well.

"...the greatest remaining mystery is not the character of God nor the destiny of lost people.  The greatest mystery is why those who are charged with rescuing the lost have spent 2000 years doing other things, good things, perhaps, but have failed to send and be sent until all have heard the liberating word of life in Christ Jesus.  The lost condition of human beings breaks the Father's heart.  What does it do to ours?"

What indeed...

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