Saturday, October 26, 2013

In a recent article entitled "The Stain on Obama's Soul", author and activist Mia Farrow states:

"Bashir's assaults against the people of Sudan have escalated in intensity. Some three million people are living -- if you can even call it that -- in refugee camps with wretched conditions. They lack even food, water, sanitation and basic medical attention. Hundreds of thousands of children are growing up malnourished with stunted growth and damaged cognitive abilities. If they survive, they are left without an education to a lifetime of suffering, with many likely eventually succumbing to disease."

Indeed, but Ms Farrow does not tell the whole story.  Her eyes are fixed on Dafur, but the refugees pouring into Gambela, Ethiopia are not from Dafur...they are from the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountain districts.  Is their plight any less, one may ask. 

But the need for clean water, for basic health care, for nutrition as well as many other basic things does not go unnoticed.  There are those who care, though we be few in number and our resources limited.  But we are there because we care because He cares.  While we all may have stains on our souls because of our own blind spots, the Lord remains faithful in calling us to work in His vineyard.  And so we push on...

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