Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Louise and I are now in Mobile, AL. The trip around the US was wonderful! Other than having to do some repairs in Santa Fe, New Mexico and having to replace two tires in Raceland, Louisiana, the trip was uneventful. We met with many partners and potential partners along the way, both churches and individuals, and had a wonderful time exploring new relationships and new places together...just the two of us. That in itself is priceless.

We have a number of loose ends that still need to be tied up before we leave, and we will also celebrate Jeremiah's 3rd birthday! On August 27 we leave for Atlanta and on the 28 we leave for Addis. We will stay in Addis for a while as we try to get all the paperwork done before moving on to Gambela. 

In October, I will attend the Faith2Share conference in Addis while Louise visits with her mum in Holland. Both of us will start Nuer language classes as soon as we possibly can. A lot needs to be done before the College officially open in January!

Please do check out our blogsite and our Face Book accounts periodically as we will be posting on both as much as electricity and internet access will allow.

Praise the Lord with us for a wonderful and uneventful journey.
Praise Him with us for new and excited partners!
Praise Him with us for all the paperwork completed successfully so far!

Pray with us for the outstanding 30% of our monthly pledge needs.

Pray with us that this time with our family will be blessed.

Pray with us that our flights to Addis will be uneventful.

Pray with us that our paperwork regarding work permits and residency will go smoothly and be granted in good time.

Pray with us that our language learning will be productive and that we will catch on quickly.

Pray for Louise's visit with her mum. Annie is 89 years old and is beginning to get a little frail. Pray that this will be a great time of bonding and of blessing.

Pray for the Faith2Share conference in October that I will learn all I need to learn and that I might be a blessing to the other participants as well.

Pray for all the many administrative things that need to be done before January.

Please do stay in touch and send us your prayer requests and news as well! We LOVE to hear from you.

Many blessings and love to all.

Johann and Louise

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