Monday, September 1, 2014

Gratitude and Grace

And so it happened. We had enjoyed free wireless Internet access at the Swiss Nile Mission Guest House. But that was before it began to rain.

I have been told to hold things lightly here…to not expect anything and to receive everything with gratitude and grace. And so we shall.

This past Sunday, we attended St. Matthew's Anglican Church in Addis Ababa. Bishop Grant preached a wonderful sermon about David and Goliath...very appropriate we thought as we face the challenges of getting our paper work done in a timely manner. Apparently, we may have to stay in Addis for two weeks...not really something we want to do, but...gratitude and grace...

Two Gambela priests, Michael and Deng Mark, attended the second service. We were overjoyed to see them as they were to see us. It was like seeing old relatives again after a time of separation. It seems that they too are anxious for us to get to Gambela, but...gratitude and grace...

Today...Monday, September 1st...we managed to access the Internet at St. Matthews, but only in their small library where a few local children were sitting doing extra curricula work. But the connection is extremely slow and it took me about an hour to get the blog to load. 

We did get some paperwork done in the meantime. I signed my contract with the Anglican Church in Ethiopia and handed over our passports to Meaza, the very capable Diocesan secretary. Bishop Grant and Doctor Wendy then went to immigration to renew their annual occurrence, apparently. We are getting a glimpse of what we will be doing a year from now. But this is a start and hopefully the wheels will turn a wee bit faster than predicted so our stay in Addis will not be so lengthy, but...gratitude and grace...

Another unanticipated problem is getting our debit card to work at a local ATM machine. We have been to three banks now and each one did not recognize our Wells Fargo Debit Card. But we may have found one that will...we will see...gratitude and grace...

So, we are learning, slowly by slowly, to hold things lightly...including time. We receive everything that works - and even that which does not work - with gratitude and grace. God is in Heaven and all's well with our world.


  1. My bank said that if my debit card had a 4-digit PIN, it would work overseas - that might not be helpful to you at this point though ... hmmm

    1. We have since been able to access our account...methinks that the rain effected more than the Internet!