Monday, January 12, 2015

The Challenge

The Challenge
Present your case, bring forth your suit,
The Sovereign Lord decrees.
Where are your gods whom you have loved
And served to nth degree.
They cannot speak, they cannot hear
And yet you bow the knee.
You offer what you do not have
And still you are not free.
What purpose does this ritual
Serve – and to what end?
Do you not know? Have you not heard?
Th’Omnipotent is friend.

While there is none like Him above,
Nor is there one below,
He who in Christ is well received
His name the Lord does know.
The King of kings took on the form
Of humankind on earth,
He through the Holy Spirit came
By Mary’s virgin birth.
He lived a life of poverty
And died a crim’nal’s death,
But rose again – was lifted up –
To distribute His wealth.

“What does He give, this Christ of yours?
What do I stand to gain?”
Why nothing – save your precious soul -
Erasure of sin’s stain.
What is more valuable than gold
Or silver, land, or home?
What if you gain all of the earth,
But have a heart of stone?
The riches that our God bestows
On those who are His own,
Surpass all that we think we know
And all we have not known.

So, think on this, my fickle friend
Before you close your eyes:
Your life is fragile – life is short –
And time’s not on your side.
What do you stand to lose, but pride
And little else beside.
Eternal life is what you gain -
An ocean deep and wide.
You have a choice, so make it wise
You cannot fool the one
To whom all hearts are open books,
All secrets are undone.

© Johann Vanderbijl 2014

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