Saturday, July 8, 2017

Trip to the Eastern Cape: Day 15

I was reminded of our donkeys on my father’s farm as we travelled back home yesterday. Speed was not their forte on the way from their place of abode…but just turn them around! The moment they realised they were headed on back to the kraal, they galloped as if a demon from hell itself was pursuing them. All this to say, we made good time on our way back to Cape Town…

We had a long way ahead of us, but we had a late start…how could we refuse a full English farmhouse breakfast with some of the dearest people we now have the privilege of calling friends? Or better still, family in Jesus. Keith and Pam went out of their way to make us feel welcomed and loved.

All of those we met these past two weeks were wonderful and kind hosts…we truly experienced Christian hospitality at its best. Thank you one and all.

Unfortunately, my Man Cold has taken a turn downhill. I now sound like a nasally Mr Toad from Wind in the Willows.  Croak.  Thankfully, Louise is still fine.

We came home to a warm welcome from those who were at the GtC office. It is always nice to know one was missed.

John Ramsdale, who had promised to do some research into Arthur’s work at Zonnebloem, had also left two photocopied pages taken from a three volume work which he found in one of the cupboards at the College. The author cites statements made by Bishop Gray and Arthur’s superior, Glover, in which Arthur is described as “a teacher of outstanding ability” and as “an energetic good man” who “shows much kindness to the boys, making friends of them as well as out of school as in school.” The author then goes on to say that “it was provident that a man of such a calibre had been chose as Sub-Warden, for Glover resigned his post in May 1869 and Lomax had the entire responsibility of superintending the College for the next two years.” I do need to see this work for myself, as the author cites letters and reports that may yet be in existence somewhere.

All in all, I must say, this trip was rewarding.  Time alone will tell how many will respond positively to our challenge to set dates for future trainings, but we trust that the Lord will water the seeds sown and provide the growth in His good time. We heard that some Anglican priests were trained by J-Life this past weekend in Queenstown in spite of our struggle to meet with our coordinators. We trust that they will now meet up with Siphiwo and together make a concerted effort to get the training up and running through the Mbashe Diocese.

Lord, in Your mercy…hear our prayer.

This ends the travel diary of our short trip to the Eastern Cape.

Stay tuned for more exciting news as the Lord opens doors for ministry through the Province!

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