Friday, October 27, 2017

Mozambique: Day Two

What is that awful smell? Something is clearly rotten in the state of the guesthouse kitchen! I hope it isn’t our lunch!

Day Two has begun.

Our night had been interrupted periodically as folks were arriving all hours of the night and morning. Nobody seemed to have received the “Please be quiet, people sleeping” memo. The birds apparently had not received it either. Needless to say, our day started in the early hours of the morning. Thankfully, the kitchen had left hot water in flasks so we could make coffee. And then that rotten smell invaded the guesthouse…

Thankfully, we had to attend early morning Eucharist and could escape from the powerful, pungent, pervasive pong that hung over the whole house. It was a full-on Eucharist with testimonies, prayers for healing, Choirs, and a possible demonic manifestation included for good measure. Then there was breakfast, which took a long time. Needless to say, we started late…but as everything we say has to be translated, we will skip the Dann Spader videos and make up time that way.

We had to stop at noon for prayers, but thankfully there were no further unexpected events. Lunch was from one until two, but as folks had been falling asleep throughout our teaching in the morning, we were not expecting anything better after lunch! Singing lively songs and doing stretch exercises did help to revive the group when the heads drooped too low…but we are still behind our usual schedule.

We had Evening Prayer, followed by two choir groups…stunning singing, that’s all I can say…even though I wanted desperately to get on with the teaching! Some times, one just has to chill and let God be God, no?

We decided to show two of the Dann Spader videos as we figured out that about two thirds did understand enough English to follow the message. Everyone seemed to appreciate them and applauded at the end of both.

Supper and bed…thankfully it is much cooler and we hope to rest well.

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