Saturday, December 8, 2012

As followers of my blog know all too well now, I recently visited a leprosy hospital in Northern Tamil Nadu, India.  However, I have not addressed the needs of Karigiri and how we may be able to help them in the future.  While their needs are many, I am hoping to focus on one specific need.  The need to treat new leprosy cases.  Here is my dream.

The Leprosy Mission in India (TLM-I) is going to cut their contribution to Karigiri's budget to 0 in 2013.  This would leave them with a funding gap of about $26,000 per year.  In terms of per person impact on Karigiri's treatment of those with new cases of leprosy, this would mean a possible inability to treat new leprosy patients.  

The amount needed to fund the outpatient care for new leprosy cases is IR 15, 00,000 (that's the way the Indians write it) per year for 250 patients, which would be roughly $27,000 per year.  This seems like an astronomical figure, way out of reach of most of our parishes, however, if we break that figure down to per person it is about $108 per person per year.  Break that down to per month we have $9 per person or $2.50 per week.  As the saying goes, an elephant can be eaten if we take one bite at a time.

While the goal is obviously $27,000 per year, allowing each parish or individuals in our parishes to meet the need on a per person level ($2.50 per week/$9 per month/$108 per year) seems, to me, to be a realistic proposal and a doable project for parishes and missions like ours.

With the leave of each Vicar and Vestry, I could also address your parishioners, especially members of the medical profession in each parish...they might be interested in visiting Karigiri, or, in the case of training hospitals, sending their students there on a short term trip.

As Karigiri is a training hospital, they also are in need of medical books, regardless of the date of publication.

I am planning another visit to Karigiri late November 2013, God willing, of course, and am open to any suitable team members.

Thanks for your prayers.
Advent Blessings.

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