Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Raising Support - dirty words?

One of the things that kept Louise and me from reentering the mission field for many years can be summed up in two words:  "Raising support".  To be brutally honest, I would much rather have real live bullets whizzing over my head.  Seriously.

The books, articles, blogs, and emails I have read about fund or friend or support raising all seem to say the same thing.  Don't be shy.  People out there are waiting for you to ask them to partner with you in the calling God has on your life.

Of course, there is a biblical basis for supporting those who preach or teach or reach out to others.  The Levites were supported by Israel (Numbers 18:24), Jesus and the disciples were supported by certain women (Luke 8:2-3), those sent out by Jesus are worthy of their wages (Matthew 10:9-10), Paul was able to preach and teach more freely once support arrived from Macedonia (Acts 18:4-5), and Paul taught that the Lord had commanded that those who preach the Gospel should live from the Gospel, quoting from the Law of Moses (1 Corinthians 9:1-18).  So, why do many still feel that they are begging, or that others may think they are not a worthy investment, or that fund raising is a "necessary evil to be endured"?  And why do they feel personally rejected when the answer is "no"... or worse...when there is a thunderous silence?

Is it really just something in their heads?

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