Friday, June 14, 2013

Preparing to go to Ethiopia!

There are a number of steps one has to take when preparing to go into the mission field.  One of them is psychological testing.  This past Saturday we took the tests...3 1/2 hours of question after question after question...from every angle, negative and positive.  

We just had our post-test psychological red flags, thankfully and the results were very accurate.  Louise and I on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to extrovert vs introvert!  No surprise there.  With me perfectionism was a bit on the high side as was self-sacrificing and a dislike of confrontation.  No surprise again.

But there you have it...very close to the Myers-Briggs result.

ESFJ (Extravert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger)
People of this type tend to be: active, friendly, and energetic; outgoing, affectionate, and talkative; concerned about others and careful to be polite and cooperative; realistic, literal, and conscientious; highly sensitive and easily hurt; organized, responsible, and conventional. The most important thing to ESFJs is their relationships and helping people in real, and practical ways.

The next step is attending the SAMS Crossroads Conference July 1 to 3.  Then the matter of people/partner raising and the paperwork necessary to get the right visa for working in Ethiopia.  

In the meantime , we have been getting all our paperwork in order - applied for a copy of our marriage certificate from South Africa...not sure how long that will take!  We will make that a matter of prayer too.

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