Wednesday, June 19, 2013


One of my all time favorite words used by our younger generation...and lately that means everyone under the word 'whatever'.  To me it is like 'hocus pocus' or some other magic word that can be used to get you out of whatever pickle you may be in at the time.  Can't win for losing?  Whatever.  Walk away and leave the egg behind.  Love it...

But there are a few other words I enjoy using...words like 'so' and like 'like' many ways these two little words, when used together help you express yourself when you are so totally gobsmacked that you have absolutely no idea of how to respond appropriately.  'So,!'...just says it all.  And everyone around you will nod and say something like, 'like so totally awesome'...or is awesome not used anymore?  Words change like so quickly these days that it's like not just my legs that can't like keep up

But I used those two little magic words today...or three if you include the golden oldie word, 'wow'...

Today I learned that the clergy and vestry of Holy Trinity, North Augusta, decide to adopt, not only Louise and me as missionaries to Gambela, but they also adopted Gambela and its people as their mission project!  I sat motionless in front of my computer screen reading the email Fr. Rob Hartley had sent to me and I like totally lost whatever I had to lose, like, you know, that is...and all I could get out of these lips was, 'so,!'

Thank You Jesus!

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