Monday, March 31, 2014

The mind of Christ revealed...

Friday past. It was a grey and gloomy day, wet and bordering on being cold. Not the best time to hold any sort of event that would require leaving the comfort of your warm home, getting into and out of your cold car, and walking up a muddy path to the door of Doug Young Studios.

On top of everything, the Studio is not that easy to find. Situated in the heart of Taylors, South Carolina, one of Greenville's largest suburbs, it appears to be hidden - tucked away behind some unassuming buildings and homes off of Taylors Main Street - like some hidden bit of treasure, just waiting for diligent diggers to discover it. The building itself, interestingly enough, was the former filtration plant for the Southern Bleachery Mill.

So what was it that made people brave the elements and give up the popcorn and television option - what was it that they came to see? They came to see ten paintings portraying the nine biblical stations of the cross. But it was more than just that...they came to prayerfully, thoughtfully, and meditatively walk from image to image, listening as the passion narrative was read from the Scriptures, reflecting on the meaning of each recorded event while gazing on the artist's impression of it, and responding in unison with prayer and supplication.

It was a grand time together. Brothers and sisters from different denominational backgrounds united by the Cross. A glimpse of what the Lord surely intended. Hearts were warmed as each relived the moment when our pardon was purchased, when the handwriting that was against us was wiped away, when principalities and powers of darkness were defeated, and when access to the very throne room of Almighty God was granted. Here, at the foot of the Cross, the ground is level. There is no high ground or low ground. Here, we see each other eye to eye, face to face, broken image to broken image. There is no place for pride here, only humility. Here the mind of Christ is revealed and our focus is forced to shift from ourselves - from each other - to Him.

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