Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Introducing our students: Ojullu Obilla Ojaho

As a young man, Ojullu Obilla Ojaho was hostile to the church. “Why do we accept the law of the white man and his Bible?” But a persistent Christian friend finally persuaded Ojullu to come to church with him and Ojullu’s life was forever changed as he bowed the knee, not to the white man, but to Jesus. Ever since then, Ojullu has been committed to preaching and teaching the law of love. Ojullu has a sad history. After his first wife died, he married Akello Ojullu Nyigwo, the mother of his only son, Anena Ojullu Obilla, now five years old. On the 12th of June 2015, we received the news that Akello had passed away. But Ojullu is still determined to push on with his studies, as his desire is to teach. He completed a nine module Theological Education by Extension program and served as a tutor to others in the program. Many of our current pastors had him as their tutor.  Ojullu is a serious student and loves to read. I have often found him the library reading Bible commentaries.

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