Thursday, August 20, 2015

Introducing our Students: Okello Omot Oball

In 1980, Missionaries visited a remote village named Gog in the southern part of the Gambela People’s Region. They preached the Gospel and a young seven year-old boy accepted Jesus as his Saviour. Today Okello Omot Oball still remembers the message of love and forgiveness and wants to share that same good news with others. One of his dreams is to translate Bible commentaries into his mother tongue, Anyuak, so that those of his people who cannot read English, but are able leaders in their respective communities, may have access to these books. Okello has a diploma in TEE and a Bachelor of Science Degree in statistics. As well as being an active member of his local church, Okello is currently employed by the Red Cross as a zone coordinator. He is married to Agnomi Oju Kwot and they have two daughters, Beer and Rahel.

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