Saturday, September 12, 2015

Introducing our Students: Ajikune Ojaga Okony

Even though he grew up in a Christian family, Ajikune did not know the Lord Jesus. In his own words: “At age 16, when I saw a lot of my friends enjoying (the) night club, I made a decision to be pagan.” After a brief brush with the law, Ajikune “remembered the God of (his) family…and (he) made (his) own decision to follow God”. Now, he says, “I know what I’m here for.” Ajikune is the youngest of our students. He is only 22 years old. But he has a wisdom about him that is beyond his age. Whenever we go to a gathering of the Anuak, Ajikune is there serving in one or other capacity, whether it be leading the singing, playing the drums, helping put out the chairs, playing football (soccer) with the children, or putting up plastic sheets for shade. All who know him love him and many of the younger generation follow him. He is a servant leader, a bright student, and the joy of many.

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