Monday, September 14, 2015

Introducing our Students: Chot Ruach Mot

Chot Ruach Mot was born in the small village of Nyandit in 1985. His parents were believers and raised him in the church. A long-time friend says that Chot has been active in the church since childhood and still today Chot is involved in ministry, mostly in the field of evangelism. His pastor says that whatever he gives Chot to do in the church, he does it well and, as such, has built up many good relationships among the general membership. He is a very serious student and very motivated to learn. Chot’s dream is to bring about change in the lives of his people through effective preaching and teaching. He also has served as a Primary School teacher at Pugnido Refugee Camp. He has a Diploma in History and Geography and in Business Administration.

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