Monday, February 19, 2018

No tension here...

Polokwane…the Capital city of the Limpopo Province in north-eastern South Africa. This is a beautiful part of the country with large flat-topped thorn trees, shrubbery, and various types of tall grasses set in a mountainous terrain with crags and cliffs galore. Unfortunately, it is also a troubled part of the country with high crime rates, muggings, random farm attacks and murders.

Attending the local Anglican Church here, however, is a breath of fresh air. All ethnic groups are included in the services and their voices rise together in harmony as they gather together to celebrate their unity in Jesus. There is no tension here…only love and mutual respect. This is surely a witness to the world…this is the way God intended for us to live…this is Christian living at its best…this is walking as Jesus walked.

Our training was done over three days at a tranquil Roman Catholic retreat centre in nestled in the heart of the bushveld. We had 6 trained trainees teach with us, which was wonderful. I had come up to Polokwane alone last year and had trained a few select folks…now they were training other clergy and leaders in the Diocese, and they did such a great job! We are so proud of them! The next step is for those who are newly trained to take the material and teach it to the leaders in their respective churches…once that training has been completed, those leaders can train each parishioner under their care.

Of course, each one is expected to be making their own disciples along the way as well, but judging by what they have already accomplished, this should not be hard…this is a motivated Diocese and their love for God and their follow human beings is evident and obvious.

May the Lord continue to rain down His blessings on Polokwane!

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