Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Slowly by slowly...

Slowly by slowly...a handy-dandy saying we learned when we were in Ethiopia. Selling Louise's car is just one more step taken toward our departure more check mark on our to do more knot more adieu said and done. 

We almost feel like we are in reverse...those around us continue to gather, while we continue to is a strangely liberating experience akin perhaps to the shedding of pounds while on a diet. Or perhaps it is like watching some object from a distance through a set of binoculars.  There is a focus that remains clear, but the closer you move towards it, the more details you can see.  For us, one more item gone means the letters on the banner at the finish-line are becoming clearer and sharper.

Bye-bye Tracker...thanks for good service and good memories.  


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