Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The executioner of millions...

Procrastination, they say, is the thief of time. But in some cases procrastination is the executioner of millions. 

We saw this in the case of the Jews in Europe during the second great war and then in the case of the Tutsis during the Rwandan genocide of 1994. In their apologies for their lack of a timely response, heads of states claimed that they did not act as they simply could not believe that the reports were true. One would think that by now we would have learned from our mistakes. 

In his discussion paper, The Holocaust as a Guidepost for Genocide Protection and Prevention in Africa, Dr Edward Kissi states: "Events in Africa since the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, suggest that the deliberate targeting of stereotyped groups, with the express intention of annihilating them, continues." (See here:

Indeed.  But recent events in the Sudan do not only suggest that stereotyped groups (in this case Christians) are being targeted with the express intention of annihilating them, but they suggest that the world is once again guilty of procrastination. Over the past few months, parachute bombs have been raining down silent death on the villagers in the Nuba Mountain area (See here: Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced. Twenty thousand were recently moved to a new refugee camp in Gambela. 

Is this systematic slaughtering of Christians soon to become another Nazi-Germany, another Rwanda, another Dafur?

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