Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gauteng, Swaziland, and Beyond! Day Seven

The power came back on the middle of the night, but the Internet did not. So, for those who thought we had dropped off the face of the earth, we did…but only the cyber planet…a catastrophe for some, but just a minor hiccup for us…especially since so many are being displaced by natural disasters in Bangladesh and Texas…

We left the loving embrace of Christ the King and took the road headed for Swaziland. Once we were out of the city environs, the traffic was far less and we could relax and enjoy the countryside…and what a beautiful countryside it is. From the open plains we moved into rolling hills, but as we drew closes to the Swaziland border the terrain became more and more mountainous with deep canyons and ravines between the high peaks.

Crossing the border was a very positive experience. On both sides of the border the employees were friendly and courteous and very efficient. True, there was a long line of people waiting to get into the country, but we moved quickly and soon we were driving in Swaziland…a new country for both of us. Unfortunately for us, our phones immediately ceased to function and we could not use our Google maps to get us to the church conference centre. So we had to stop a number of times to ask directions…and every time we learned that the Swazi people are very, very friendly and helpful.

We finally found the centre and checked in. We are in a large flat that we will be sharing with Thokozani, our son in the faith who helps us teach. Again the graciousness of the people here is deeply moving. We are welcome.

After a scrumptious hake dinner, we retired…still no Internet and so we retired early…

We have Internet today, so we will be posting blogs again!

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