Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gauteng, Swaziland, and Beyond! Day Six.

Louise and I hardly ever have arguments…and the only times we do the subject is nearly always either our children or our finances. Today we discovered a third subject. Directions in downtown Johannesburg traffic. Trying to navigate with a GPS that wants to take you to a non-existent destination with cars, taxis, buses and people all around you and nowhere to stop to get your bearings – and even if you do you don’t know where you are so you have no bearings to begin with – is a recipe for marital agitation. Twice…and I kid you not…twice we stopped at the same gas station to ask for directions for two different locations at two different times of the same day without realising it until after we asked.

Bravely – I must say – we did venture out yet again after these ordeals to have dinner with the husband of a dear cousin (now with Jesus) and his son. Tony has become a dear friend in a rather short space of time and we love spending time with him whenever we are up here. He has the same sort of daft sense of humour I have and we talk about just about everything under the sun. His longsuffering son and my dear Louise sit and smile throughout the scrumptious meal without ever saying much.

Today was a good day, in spite of it all. We got a lot accomplished at Witts, met briefly with the Bishop of Christ the King - the dearest man - and got our rental car (from a place downtown Johannesburg) for the trip to Swaziland, Klerksdorp, Kuruman, Kimberley and on…

My body is actually quite sore tonight…and Louise has already gone to bed.

We leave tomorrow…which was yesterday…I could not post this as the power was out in the building here. We had to move around the flat by candlelight…romantic I hear you say? Indeed…

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