Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Gauteng, Swaziland, and Beyond! Day Twenty.

Today we were on holy ground…potholey ground that is. The (very) secondary road from Kimberley to Boshof and on to Hertzogville was so bad Louise had to travel 60 kilometres per hour. Yes, what a time for her to choose to drive! It really slowed us down, but all things work together for good, right? The Archdeacon we had to meet in Welkom had an early and long meeting…we got to his church at the same time.

Albert is a energetic young man with a heart for the Lord and for people. He was so excited about our presentation and immediately began to discuss possible dates. The thing is, we are beginning to get very busy and we often have to ask folks to look further along in the calendar! But that’s a good thing…

As we left Albert and were travelling along the N-1 we turned on the radio and heard that the very same potholey road was now closed due to demonstrations. Seriously? What were they protesting…the potholes?

Louise wanted to drive straight through to Cape Town today, but I pointed out that we are no longer spring chickens…30 years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice. So we called her sister and asked if she knew of a good place along the road. She suggested a place close to Three Sisters…named after three small mountains…and we called. Praise God for cell phones! We got a room and settled in for the night.

Tomorrow we are homeward bound!

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