Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gauteng, Swaziland, and Beyond! Day Twenty-One.

A friend commented on my complaint of noisy guesthouses in one of my blog posts. She said I needed to use earplugs. The same day I received a WhatsApp message from a colleague at GtC asking for prayer for her brother and sister-in-law who woke up in the middle of the night to find an intruder in the bedroom with them. How this person got past the walls, security gates, electric fences, locked doors and an alarm remains a mystery. But the point is, you want all of your senses on high alert during the night especially – so, no earplugs for me, thank you very much!

We still had many miles to cover on our way back to Cape Town and the instinct to get home was strong…but not strong enough not to stop for a hearty breakfast…no, I did not say heart healthy breakfast. 

We also turned in to view the Lord Milner Hotel – an old historic Victorian building in the middle of absolute nowhere at a place called Matjiesfontein (roughly translated friend’s fountain) see here if you’re interested:
 From there it was a straight shot back home…just needed to take the rental car back. It really is a pity we don’t have a mission vehicle…it would make this sort of trip a lot less dear.

There was a lot to do at the flat plus we needed to see doctors (me) and dentists (Louise) and do laundry. It is the one time I am happy it is not raining in Cape Town.

The Cape Province is very dry. Farmers are struggling…many have used all their money to buy feed for their animals and are now dependent on donations. We are now up to level 5 restrictions on the use of water. See here:

Barring a miracle, Cape Town will face a very, very hard summer…there is a real possibility of running out of water completely.

We are planning our next trip back up to East London and George for their first set of training. Stay tuned for the next, gripping instalment…

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