Sunday, September 10, 2017

Gauteng, Swaziland, and Beyond! Day Seventeen.

Louise woke up at 1 AM…not quite the time to get ready to leave, so she went and sat in the lounge and completed her 60 Day Chronological Study on the Life of Jesus. I continued sleeping…until about 3 AM when she returned. Louise is not known for stealth and silence. So we tossed and turned until 5 and then gave up. We had to leave early anyway.

It was sad to say goodbye to Innebos. We highly recommend it to anyone needing a place to stay close by Pretoria…actually it is in the Magaliesberg area, but close enough if you have transport.

We chose to drive back roads as the highways here are usually crowded and full of trucks. Besides, the countryside is always more pleasant that a dual carriageway. There is also quite a bit of road construction on the main roads so even though one cannot drive as fast as one can on the highways, one actually makes better time in the long run. We saw quite a few wild animals as well as many domesticated ones along the way. There are many game farms and lodges in this area.

There was a surprise waiting for us in Klerksdorp, our next stop. 30 people showed up and they were all rearing to go. Their main question was when could we start the training? People are hungry for something substantial and the LEAD program is exactly what they need. Of course, permission needs to be granted before we can move forward, but we are again tentatively looking at mid November for training.

They provided a wonderful luncheon for us and we continued chatting with various parishioners and clergy until it was time to leave again. This time we had over 350 kilometres to drive to Kuruman. But the countryside is lovely which makes all the difference. But 200 plus 350 is a lot of driving for one day and I am bushed, to say the least.

We have an early morning service to attend tomorrow, then the introductory talk, then another service, then lunch, and then on to Kimberley…but their meeting is only on Monday evening, so we have time to rest.

Ah, rest…

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