Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blessing, upon blessing, upon blessing...

Johann: It is now the end of Day 2 at MissionPrep: IMPACT. We have heard lectures on cross-cultural work (Louise and I felt we were back in a Perspectives class!), spiritual formation (which may prove to be our all time favorite), and worldview among many other things. The schedule is tight and there is so much information that one feels a bit like a over-wet sponge by the end of the day. But the fellowship with other like-minded believers is sweet. Hearing others share their stories about their journeys is so uplifting and encouraging. Praying with and for each other is precious.

Louise: The time of imaginative contemplative prayer was especially meaningful to me. For me, this was the first time I utilized my senses in the context of prayer. We were told to read Matthew 3:13-17 and to visualize the baptism of Jesus in our mind's eye. We were called to use our five senses while meditating on each verse. For instance, we were to visualize the expression on John's face when he saw Jesus coming to Him and when Jesus asked to be baptized...or to feel or to taste the water...or the listen to the tone of the voice that spoke from heaven saying, "This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased." I felt that I really lived that moment with John. It suddenly hit me that this was a real, tangible, historical event and I could sense the tension and excitement in John as the One he had identified as the Lamb of God came up to him and spoke to him those words I have read over so many times before. But today it was different...the words of Scripture moved, as it were, from my head to my heart and I wept with delight at that moment.

And...what a blessing to end the day Face Timing with Hanno, Lauren, and Jeremiah!

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