Thursday, July 24, 2014

The final blur....

Day 11 and Day 12. A blur, to be sure...

Yesterday, we looked as realistic versus unrealistic expectations from various angles: our own, our families, friends and others, that of our mission agency, that of the people we work with and the people we serve. We spoke about setting realistic boundaries to make sure we avoid getting stretched too far in all directions...methinks easier said than done. We also spoke about security concerns.

We spent some precious time reviewing our personal plans, timelines, and spiritual nurturing plans. We met with Ken, one of the ministry leaders here, and he helped us work through these three vital areas. He is such a wise and humble man...

Finally, the whole group shared thoughts, ideas, and resources.

Then we took a photograph of most of the group - some, for security purposes, did not want to be in the photograph.

Today...well after some final sessions, goodbyes, and lunch...we leave. We have a long road ahead of us. From here we need to get across the border so that we can mail my degrees and our marriage certificate to the Ethiopian Embassy for authentication. Thankfully, Louise does not have to apply for a visa as she already has a valid tourist visa, but I have to apply for a business visa. is Louise's birthday. First time in our lives together that I have had nothing to give her...sigh. But, as she says, we are making a round trip of the USA!

So, tahtah Canada. We will miss you, eh? And we will surely miss everyone we have met here, but who knows? A reunion in Cairo, perhaps?

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