Monday, July 21, 2014

Worship, Sex and Community...

Day 8 and Day 9.

Day 8. We attended "Little Trinity" Anglican Church on Sunday. (See here: It was a marvelous experience! Not only was the worship vibrant and alive...not only was the sermon top notch and oh so very relevant...not only was the congregation very mission minded and actually aware of what is going on in the world - enough to include specific requests in the prayers for the people...not only were missionaries actually part of the congregation...but many knew Grant and Wendy personally and knew of the work we are going to be involved in in Gambela! Wonderful experience.

After the service, Louise and I walked around a bit with a new found friend, Shay Isaac who is from the area and could tell us more about what we were observing and what we ought to see if possible. After taking leave of Shay, Louise and I walked down to the Bay area and had lunch. We walked back a different way for the sake of seeing more. We ended the day by attending the service at our host church, Jarvis Street Baptist.

Day 9. Today was a jam packed day as we covered so much ground. We starting by talking about setting healthy boundaries in our relationships with others. Then we spoke about grief and loss and how to cope with such situations. And finally we looked at the topics of moral purity and community life.

As I said, we covered a lot of ground and the mood was more serious than it has been before. I think everyone of us can tell at least one story of how a lack of healthy boundaries led to a disastrous conclusion of someone's ministry and, unfortunately, often their families as well. Sexual sin is as old as time itself and the principles we learned today will go a long way in helping us make good decisions right from the start.

I must say that Mission Prep: iMPact has been one of the most practical course we have done so far. It does not shy away from addressing the elephant in the room either.

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