Friday, July 18, 2014

Staying alive, honeymoons, conflict, and hope...

Day 6. Today we had a doctor's with very good bedside manners and a great sense of humor! Proverbially speaking, of course.

Tim came to speak to us on the subject of staying healthy while on the field. For Louise and myself, this was probably the most important and informative session so far...indeed, it may prove to be so for everyone of us as only two families are going to non majority world countries. We were quite surprised then that it was crammed into a morning only and that it was delivered with such speed that adequate note taking was difficult. There were so many things we would have loved to have talked about at length with this very knowledgable doctor...

The afternoon session dealt with Barriers and Bridges to the Gospel, incarnational ministry and Gospel and Culture. Much of this was done interactively...discussion around the table, role play, all time favorite (not)...skits.

To be perfectly honest, the doctor could have stayed and chewed the fat with us a lot longer...

We ended the evening with an Ethiopian meal and...yes, skits. The meal was magnificent and the skits were really funny and enjoyable. Each one dealt with different stages of missionary adaptation to the host culture...honeymoon, conflict, etc...and finally hope.

Hope. A good word with which to end this day. Ultimately, our health, our ministry, and our "success" on the field is in the hands of a sovereign and almighty God whose thoughts toward us are for good always and never for evil. To trust in that hope is the key to staying alive spiritually, mentally, emotional, and physically.

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