Friday, November 16, 2012

Dubai...Saturday, November flight left Chennai at 3:30 AM and arrived in Dubai at 6:45 AM...flying with time makes things complicated.  my flight to New York leaves at 8:30...not a long layover at all...that waits for me in the good old US of near and yet so far.
As I sit here and reflect on this trip to India over a good bold coffee (and if truth be told, a blueberry muffin), I know in my heart that this right...that this was the Lord's leading. The blessing was Indian brothers and sisters were blessed with my them it is all about our love and concern...not our money, resources, or expertise. But then I was blessed by their total surrender to Christ and His cause. The pastors in Odisha surrendering everythjng, including their lives as well as those of their family and community, and the staff at Karigiri...well trained medical personel from surgeosn to researchers to psychiatrists to nurses to...well, you get the picture...they could all get much better salaries at other institutions...but they stay to be the hands, the feet, the mouth, the heart of Jesus. At Karigiri I got a glimpse of the thrill Jesus must have felt when He crossed social taboos and touched the "unclean". Words fail me to described how a simple handshake or a hand on a shoulder...without flinching or attempting to shorten the time of touching...restores the diginity of a person suffering from disownment by their own...surely a time family and true friends ought to have embraced them instead. but loking at their deformed faces, hands, feet

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