Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This section contains photographs of deformities and ulcers that may disturb some.  Please only proceed if you are willing.

After the Paul Brand Integrated Health Center, I went to visit the clinic at Gudiyatham.  You may read the account below...way down below by this time!
Here a group stand in line for medicines.

A young boy whose mother is ill...without proper preventative care, will he follow in her footsteps?

I interviewed this gentleman who is one of the more fortunate...he has a degree in economics and is taken care of by his brother.  He is unmarried.

However, he has an ulcer on his foot, so he has come to the clinic to have his wound cleaned and dressed.

This is a close up view of his ulcer.  As you can see, his foot is already severely deformed.  As they have no sensation, they are usually unaware of the injury...until it is too late.

This is his other foot.

This is the second man I interviewed.  He is also one of the fortunate.  He has his own grocery shop and is accepted in his community.

His hands have been effected and have a claw-like appearance...this is reversible as I will show and explain later...

Sadly, this man's ulcer is worse than the other man's and he will no doubt lose some of his toes.

A maggot...basic hygiene could have prevented this... 

This is what the nurse has to work with...

The nurse at work...a thankless job...but she does it with such care and joy...this is not a vocation, but a calling.

A smile that reveals the heart...

The gentleman's store...

Another success story...the disease was detected at an early stage and he was cured before any complications can into play...today he is a successful tailor.

This man, although severely deformed, is fortunate enough to have a family that takes care of him...but I was told that the only reason they do take care of him is because it is his home and property.  

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