Saturday, November 10, 2012

I apologize to all who have been trying to follow my blog only to find time and again that there was no update.  I have not had internet access since I landed in Ranchi...but now I do, so I will be playing catch up  this evening.  Please read the posts from the bottom up. we

Tuesday, November 6.
I arrived in Ranchi at 11:40 AM.  Of all the airports I have been in India, including a rather drab Kolkata, Ranchi wins the prize for the most primitive.  The flight announcement board did not change for the whole time I was there...did not know which flight David, Nicky, and Tom were on. As there were many flights from Delhi I had to keep my eyes pealed in case they arrived while my back was turned.  I had a scrumptious lunch at the airport restaurant in spite of appearances.  David, Nicky, And Tom arrived at 4:50 PM.Great joy in finally meeting in person.  I have to go grab a bite to eat...will be back in a jiffy.

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