Monday, November 12, 2012

I am still in Chennai.  Emmanuel and I went looking for music DVD's by the famed Dr. Subramaniam and pink Himalayan salt, but did not find either in spite of trying many different stores. As it is Dewali today, many stores are closed.  The firecrackers have died down a bit, but who knows what will happen tonight.  Thankfully I will be in Vellore by then :-)...the driver is supposed to get me by 4 PM so that I will be ready for the program they have designed for me at starts at 8 AM. I am really looking forward to this visit and my only hope is that the Lord will use me in some small way to get more support for the work if ALM especially in the Anglican world. I am due to give a report of this mission to India at the next Diocesan meeting in Florence in December, so please pray that my report would be received favourably and that the result will be more support for ALM.
One of the strangest things I have encountered since partnering withn ALM is the general ignorance or apathy or even embarresment with regard to leprosy in our modern world. Strange, but unfortunately true.

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