Saturday, November 10, 2012

Picking up from where we left off last.  After meeting at Ranchi airport we discovered that the taxi we expected to find waiting for us was not there. After futile attempts to reach our Indian host, Pastor Jayadeep, we managed to seal a deal with another taxi to take us all the way to Jharsuduga...a ride we were told would take up to seven hours, but, we discovered later, was actually more than eight hours. The driver was a very pleasant fellow and he stopped half way to introduce us to his best friend.  The friend and his family then proceeded to offer us gracious yet unexpected hospitality...they were Islamic...hmm, something to think about.
David was car sick for most of the ride...a few times the driver had to stope to let him one point, he seemed most reluctant to stop. Moaist territory he said.  The Moaists are the modern day Indian equivalent of Robin Hood...only with a dark and sinister side...the Moaists steal, rob, hijack, kipnap, and kill in the name of social equality. The roads in this occupied territory are awful. Apparently, the Moaists have blown up parts of the road and threatened those who ought to repair them.
In spite of this minor claok and dagger excitement we finally arrived in Jharsuduga after two AM. We checked in and went to sleep.

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