Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our praise team...or at least one of them...there were several...the music was sublime even though we didn't understand a word of it.

The "drummer"...he really was good.  Those things are not easy to play.

Pastor Jayadeep opening the Global Alpha Training seminar.

The team was graciously welcomed with flowers and a ribbon....

Pastor David Warnick was up first....see the blog entries for more details below.

The first morning was sparsely attended, but that all changed after lunch...

Yours truly with How Can We Have Faith?  Pastor Dinesh was translating.  Along with the other leaders, Dinesh had truly grasped the principles and practicalities of Alpha and delivered their demonstration talks with cultural sensitivity and appropriateness.  There was a marked difference between the reaction when we spoke and the reaction when they spoke...the delegates all laughed at their jokes.  :-)

Small group discussion time.  These practical applications of the talks are very important as it helps the delegates get a feel for what small groups ought to look like.  The young man in between the man with the gold shirt and the man with the blue short is Avishek.  See the account of his being filled with the Holy Spirit below.

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